Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prepare food in my kitchen?

Yes I do, I prepare food only in the safety of your home. I arrive upon the arranged cook date and bring the groceries to start preparing your meals.

One of my guests, family members or myself have an allergy, are you able to accommodate for us?

Allergies are easy to accommodate as long as I know about them prior to cooking to avoid any cross contamination.

What is your specialty?

I cook seasonal and local as much as I can to optimize the flavor and quality of your food all year round. I enjoy cooking all cusines.

How do I pay you?

I accept e-transfer, cheque, cash and pay-pal. Credit card is also accepted but is subject to a 3.4% processing fee.

What is the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?

A personal chef prepares meals and dinner parties at the clients request where as a private chef is typically assigned to one particular family and works full time for them.

Can the food you prepare be all organic?

Yes of course, your meals can be 100% organic if you'd like.

If I like something in particular can I have the recipe?

Yes. Any recipe you love would be happily shared.

Do you provide alcoholic beverages?

As per request I can provide you select wines for your dinner. I am also happy to recommend wine varietals or consult a sommelier for your menu.

What services are included in a dinner party?

Menu creation, grocery shopping, grocery costs, prep, cooking, and clean up.

Do you hire outside help?

Normally no, however depending on the menu type if the party exceeds my limitations I may hire an extra hand at $30 an hour.

Do you do catering?

Yes! I can do small scale catering that the larger businesses won't do. Up to a maximum of 30 people.

How long will you be in my home?

Most weekday dinners will be about 2 hours. Weekend dinners will be 2-4 hours depending on how fast your guests eat and how much socializing is involved.

Can I watch you cook to learn?

Absolutely. If you have any interest in cooking I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Will the meal be filling enough?

I serve generous portions. You will be full. I guarantee this.

What if I don't have enough plates or cutlery for all my guests?

If you don't have enough tableware you can request a rental through me. Plates are $6 a dozen and cutlery is $5 a dozen. 

What if I don't own a lot of kitchen equipment?

Not to worry, I bring an assortment of tools to every kitchen ensuring I have everything I need.

Do you ever do Cannabis Infused dinners?

At special request, yes.

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