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The Making of a Dish

Spring is now over and brought a large variety of ingredients. My favourite spring ingredient is by far Rhubarb. It is so versatile and delicious. Being so tart people usually only use it in baked goods. We've all had a strawberry rhubarb pie in our life. I wanted to utilize it in a more savoury way to really show off the natural flavour of it.

Another food that begins to appear in spring is Kohlrabi. It happens to pair nicely with rhubarb. To pair the two I thought it would be great to make a kohlrabi mash and cook the rhubarb in with it. The mash ended up turning the white interior of the kohlrabi a light pink. I then Roasted a kohlrabi whole and cut it into small pieces once it had cooled.

I made fresh ricotta earlier in the week and saved the whey, separated from the creamy curds. Because ricotta is split from the milk using acidity the whey was slightly sour. I gently poached some rhubarb stems in the whey and added a touch of honey. The result was delicious and still paired great with the kohlrabi.

Here's how the dish ended up looking:

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